e-PAPER Productivity Solutions


The future of the Less-paper Office is here. Increase your productivity with effective interactive electronic viewing where and when you need it eliminating the need for paper documents altogether. Lead your industry in reducing your carbon footprint while creating a fun and productive work environment for your employees

Mobile Freedom, Maximum Security

Mobile Freedom and
maximum security

Users have simple and private easy access from their devices to any of their documents, optimized for each platform.

Security and privacy are paramount, users are provided secure access, and only to the documents they are allowed to use.



Collaboration and Connectivity

unrivaled collaboration and connectivity

Your office just became global.
Documents can be shared with others in real-time simply by making a share request granting them immediate access on their various devices. Collaborate on projects, anytime, anywhere, on any device.




Firms say moving to a paperless office
environment is a priority...

Comp TIA's Examining the Print and Document Management Study

70 percent

Up to 70% of Companies have bring your own
device policies.

Recent IDC Study

70 million

GEN Y Professionals using mobile devices as their preferred method of communication.